There is a lot to do to change the transportation landscape in Richmond, BC, Canada.

We are trying to reduce Richmond's direct greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by replacing internal combustion engine based transportation with electric motor based transportation. Richmond residents need information about electric vehicles and the sheer fun of the electric driving experience. Once they have that information and become aware of the many electric vehicles already on the road, they start making plans for their own transition to electric transportation. We lobby governments to maintain existing incentives and provide new ones. Most importantly, we provide independent personalized advice that enables Richmond residents to evaluate their transportation needs and sift through the available electric vehicle options.

Our Objectives

1. Make Richmond BC a city with a one of the highest proportions of plug-in electric vehicles in Canada.

2. Provide independent advice for prospective electric vehicle drivers.

3. Lobby governments to continue providing incentives for electric vehicle ownership, to require the installation of charging in existing multi-family residential buildings and to lower electricity rates for home charging in off peak hours.

4. Have fun driving electric vehicles!

Free Membership

  • Membership

    Drivers of electric vehicles resident in Richmond are eligible for membership that entitles them to participate in decisions on the organization's programs.

  • Associate Membership

    Those who live elsewhere and/or do not drive an electric vehicle, but support the objectives of the organization, are eligible for associate membership. Associate members may participate fully in all discussions.

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Lobbying Government

  • BC Government

    We are delighted with the BC Government's Zero-Emission Vehicles Act (ZEVA) which sets a target of 10% of all new light-duty cars and trucks sold in B.C. to be zero emission by 2025 and 100% by 2040. Together with other BC electric vehicle and environmental groups, we are lobbying the BC Government to institute additional measures to promote the use of electric vehicles.

    In particular, we believe that the Government should enact "right to charge" legislation requiring the installation of charging stations in existing multi-unit residential buildings upon request by resident electric vehicle owners. The Union of BC Municipalities has passed a resolution supporting such legislation.

    Plug-in Richmond is also pushing for the immediate implementation of two additional measures that we feel would provide maximum benefit with minimum effort and cost:

    1. The government should implement lower electricity rates for home charging in off peak hours instead of the existing higher rates for exceeding the electrical consumption of a normal household.

    2. The government should provide access for electric vehicles with the HOV sticker to the early boarding lanes at ferry terminals.

  • Collaborating with the City of Richmond

    The City of Richmond now requires EV charging infrastructure in new construction and is the first municipality to do so. City staff consulted with Plug-in Richmond and other stakeholders in developing the bylaws and we look forward to working with the City on charging infrastructure in existing buildings. The City and Plug-in Richmond are collaborating on programs to promote electric vehicles in partnership with Emotive BC.

Personalized Advice

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    Need for Personalized Advice

    Due to its climate, topography and clean hydro power, Richmond is an ideal place to drive an electric vehicle. With the Richmond context in mind, there is considerable information on electric vehicles and the driving experience they provide available here. However, it can be difficult to apply advice written for a general audience to one's personal situation such as transportation needs, financial resources, type of residence and access to charging facilities. We believe that personalized advice can best be provided by drivers who are already driving an electric vehicle in Richmond.

  • Obtaining Personalized Advice

    You do not need to become a member of Plug-in Richmond in order to obtain personalized advice. Residents of Richmond considering an electric vehicle should contact us below outlining your situation and a Richmond electric car driver will reply as time permits. Note that this is free advice offered without any obligation on your part and similarly without any liability on our part. We strongly recommend that you verify any important information and advice provided with other reliable sources.

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