Our Objectives

  • Make Richmond, BC, a city with a one of the highest proportions of plug-in electric vehicles in Canada.

  • Provide independent advice for prospective electric vehicle drivers.

  • Lobby governments to provide incentives for electric vehicle ownership, home charger installation, low electricity rates for home charging in off peak hours, preferential parking and use of HOV lanes.

  • Have fun driving electric vehicles!

Lobbying the BC Government

Together with other B.C. electric vehicle and environmental groups, we are lobbying the B.C. Government to continue providing incentives for electric vehicle ownership and to institute new measures to promote the use of electric vehicles.

In particular, we believe that the Government should require installation of charging stations in existing multi-unit residential buildings upon request by resident electric vehicle owners.

Plug-in Richmond is also pushing for the immediate implementation of two additional measures that we feel would provide maximum benefit with minimum effort and cost.

  • The government should reinstate the subsidy for home charger installation and implement lower electricity rates for home charging in off peak hours instead of the existing higher rates for exceeding the electrical consumption of a normal household.

  • The government should provide access for electric vehicles with the HOV sticker to the early boarding lanes at ferry terminals.

Lobbying Richmond City Council

The City of Richmond now requires EV charging infrastructure in new construction and is the first municipality to do so. City staff consulted with Plug-in Richmond and other stakeholders in developing the bylaws and we look forward to working with the City on charging infrastructure in existing buildings and our other objectives.